Wednesday, May 2, 2012


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Monday evening, hubby took a flight back to KB on business purpose, leaving me and the kids here in KL. He'll be back tonight. Well, he's probably on his way to the office by now coz his flight back to KL was supposed to be this morning. What I mean is he'll be HOME tonight. Haven't heard from him yet. 2 nights and 2 days without him at home... me alone handling our kids... huhuhu... but that's the sacrifice we have to make for our future.

We actually planned to go to Kelantan all together, the whole family because we're running the business together, hubby and me. We always attend all appointments together, all major functions together, in another word, we're always together. But due to some circumstances, this time, we weren't able to. So, he had to go alone for the appointments.

In these 2 nights and 2 days (including today), we're far apart, not just by distance, but also by communication. This is because whenever he's away, no matter how far or how long, I won't call him, or even text him. Not because I don't miss him, I do, a lot! But because I don't want to disturb him. I want him to concentrate on what he's doing coz I know, if I call him, he'll loose his concentration. And as a wife, I'm supposed to make things easy for him. Unless if he calls me, which means he has extra time.

Some people may call their spouse every 5-10 minutes, or every half hour, or every hour whenever they're apart or whenever they're out for too long. For them, that's romantic, that's the way to show their love. Nothing wrong with that. Depends on the individual itself. But for me, I won't disturb my hubby coz I know him. I won't call him even if he goes out to meet his friends till 1-2am coz I know, he would only do so because he has important things to do or discuss.

Not calling him or texting him doesn't mean I don't miss him, or concern about him. I do. I only do so because I respect him and trust him and because we understand each other. I would only call him when I have to, like when there are emergencies at home or when I'm not feeling well that I couldn't attend to the kids. Besides that, no calls, no text!

Najdah MH
May 2, 2012 @ 8:35am

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