Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working Moms vs Housewives

One of my friends once said to me that she is too busy working when I asked her why did she quit running her business. She was very good at it. She also said that she has no free time coz she needs to make sure that her house is clean and tidy, her clothes are washed and folded, her husband and 2 kids are served, and she's about to have another baby. So, she's not willing to continue her business coz she's tired doing all those things. In her opinion, I'm in other hand is able to run a business coz I'm just a 'housewife', that I have a lot of free time. At first, I agreed. But then, I start to think, is it?

Let's think for a moment...

~ Compared to her, I have 5 kids, she has only 2... in the next few months, she'll be having another 1 which make it only 3. Still, I have more.
~ She said her kids differ only a year or a year and half between one another, same goes with me... my kids differ from only 14 to 18 months (except for the eldest and the 2nd one coz I had a miscarriage in between). So, we're even.
~ We both have no maid, but she's living right next to her parents' house, and she told me that she often send her kids over to her parents so that she could clean up her house or to get some rest. Me? I have to do all my houseworks by myself while taking care of my kids on my own.
~ I've seen her kids and they weren't active, they were easy to handle with. My kids in other hand, are soooo active, and by saying that, I mean really extremely active - 24x7 trashing, jumping, running, climbing, crying, yelling, shouting, messing and fighting. All these in my daily life, from 6am to 11pm or 12 midnight.
~ She thought I'm not working, well guess what, I'm working, from home. Yes I can choose my own time to work, but with 5 kids, try guessing how many hours I can work? Working at home is so much different from working at the office. At home, I can't concentrate on my work. It's hard for me to complete my task. Meanwhile, at the office, she is able to concentrate.
~ She said that everyday she needs to make sure that her house is clean and tidy, her clothes are washed and folded, her husband and 2 kids are served. Well, don't I? I too have a house to take care of, clothes to wash and fold, dishes to wash, food to prepare, kids to raise and watch over, husband to serve and look after, and compared to her, I have to do everything on my own, unaided.

I'm not trying to brag or whatsoever, there are many housewives out there and they all are much much better than me, much stronger than me, much greater than me. The reason why I'm writing this is because a lot of people out there often think that we, housewives are living an easy life at home. That we have no worries, and even worse, that we have a lot of free time.

If I only have one kid, I may have a lot of free time. I may have even spend half of my day sleeping or resting. But I don't, I have 5. But let me tell you, I may have a stressful life, I may have no time to rest, I may have less time to go shopping, but I'm happy with all I have, and I'm willing to spend whatever free time I have to run my business for the sake of my kids, because I love them so much, and I want to give them the best.

I believe, every and each of you out there, especially mothers, couldn't agree less, coz every mother wants only the best for their kids, and they are willing to sacrifice for them. Your kids are the REASON to give the best of you, not the EXCUSE to limit your abilities.

Love your kids by giving them the best...

To all MOTHERS out there, working or not, you are the BEST just by being a MOTHER!

Feb 23, 2011 @ 10am


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