Shop n Earn

Nowadays, more people prefer to shop online because;
  1. Save money on petrol
  2. Save money on toll
  3. Save time
  4. Save emotion (stuck in traffic, fight for parking space)
  5. Less hassle
We have lots of online shopping platform to choose from. And what I like the most is, PG Mall. It's a local online shopping platform by Public Gold, the largest gold investment company here in Malaysia.

What I like the most about PG Mall is, everytime we shop, we get a cash back reward. And the best thing is, the reward is literally in CASH! Not point, but CASH! On top of that, when we introduce our friends and families (register under our PG code), everytime they shop in PG Mall, we are also be given cash back reward.

Besides that, as any other online shopping platform, PG Mall has lots of sales, including Double Digit Sales. Everyday we have Hot Sales, not just once, but 3 times, once at 12 noon, another at 4pm and final one is at 9pm. In fact, it was the 1st to introduce 3 times Hot Sales per day!

Other than that, every month, from 25th of the month till 5th of the following month, PG Mall offers FREE shipping for purchase more than RM50 (for participating stores). And lots and lots of discounts.

PG Mall also has daily free gift which will be given everyday once we login to our account. While on its app, PG Mall has 'Shake The World', and everytime we shake, we either get money, or discount voucher. And we can shake twice per day!

Talking about PG Mall, I'm so excited coz it offers a lot of good things.

Feel free to browse PG Mall and register here for FREE, and get RM5 discount on your 1st purchase. Remember to include your IC no and your Account no once you register so that you can enjoy the cash back reward!

Happy earning while shopping for groceries!

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