Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just A Small Cut

For my art work

After I finished making cards for my moms, I started working on making cards for my kids' teachers, for Teacher's Day this coming 16th. Since I've ran out of paper cuts (coz Fathi played with it and ruined it), so I had to cut more.

And yesterday (May 10, 2012), after I drove Aisyah to her school, I started cutting papers. All of a sudden, I accidently cut my left hand finger! Ouch!!... I was being careful all the time... didn't know how it happened... it just did...

Cut myself while cutting the A4 paper for my art work

It was just a small cut, but the blood that came out of it was quite a lot. It kept on dripping on the table, so I had to lay some kitchen towels on it. I waited for it to stop dripping before washing my hand. 

Quite a lot of blood for just a small cut

It took few minutes to stop dripping. Then I cleaned up my hand and the table. Then, I took a tablet of Iron Folic to cover my blood lost. Though it wasn't a lot, but I felt a bit dizzy.

After the cut has been cleaned
Moral of the story, be CAREFUL when handling a knife. If there are any disturbance and you lost your concentration, STOP holding the knife, put it down before you accidently cut yourself!

Najdah MH
May 11, 2012 @ 3:30pm

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