Monday, April 30, 2012

Horse Ride @ DARC

Yesterday evening, we took the kids to DARC for a new experience. When we first got there, we just look around, not sure whether we were allowed to ride on the horses. But then, one of the guys who works there explained to us that as a member, we get FREE joyride (3 rounds). As a non-member, we have to pay RM5 per head.

The kids were so excited! It was a new experience to us... well, most of us... I didn't take the ride coz I'm 34th week now... huhuhu... but it was fun though.... the kids enjoyed it so much... they even begged for more...

Hubby & Hifdzi



Amal... she refused to sit on the big one... huhuhu... but she got a beautiful one (^^)

Hubby & Fathi

Me & kids...
P/S : me & baby can't take a ride, not yet... huhuhu...

There are more fun at DARC - swimming pool, archery, trampoline and much more... we're definitely going back next time!

Najdah MH
April 30, 2012 @ 10:10pm

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