Friday, May 25, 2012

Specially For Guru2 PASTI An-Nur

Specially made for Amal & Anis's teachers

Prepared these last night... completed at around 3am (^^)


Pagi tadi, we all ke PASTI untuk ambil record book Amal & Anis. Since this year PASTI tak sempat nak adakan sambutan Hari Guru, so terlewat sikit la prepare these gifts untuk guru2 PASTI coz a bit busy with business, with Aisyah's request and also with the preparation untuk our newborn nanti.

And since 2 of our kids yang belajar kat PASTI, unfair la kalau just Amal yang bagi all the gifts to the teachers. Nanti ada pulak yang merajuk. So, tadi Amal bagi hadiah, Anis bagi kad. Ok la, sama2 bagi. Hopefully all the teachers, Cikgu Lia, Cikgu Kiah, Cikgu Ros, Cikgu Nor and Cikgu Nani enjoy the gift (^^).

Najdah MH
May 25, 2012 @ 10:40am

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