Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salam Aidil Fitri!!

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Salam Aidil Fitri

kepada seluruh ahli keluarga jauh dan dekat, semua sahabat handai, rakan-rakan dan bloggers, serta seluruh kaum Muslimin di serata pelusuk dunia....

Semoga Ramadhan yang telah berlalu berjaya mendidik kita menjadi hambaNya yang beriman, insya Allah....

Dan semoga kita akan dipertemukan dengan Ramadhan akan datang, insya Allah...

Selamat Menjamu Selera, Berziarah dan Ber 'Open House'.... (^^)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bubur Kacang Hijau & Pulut Hitam

Sejuk lagi seedaaaaaaaap


yum... yum...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shopping Raya @ The Store



Aisyah's & Hifdzi's
Alhamdulillah, last Saturday was able to go for shopping at The Store to get some new clothes for the kids (esp Fathi & Hifdzi coz they haven't got any). This time, I went with Aisyah ONLY! The rest... stay at home with dear hubby... hehehe....

When we got there, the place is flooded with people.... already!! It was only 10 in the morning.... wow!!

After a quick grab, paid for the shirts (after a long queue), went home. We spent only 3 hours. Imagine how long would it take if we decided to bring all 5!! huhuhu....

Aug 17, 2011 @ 1:15pm

Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Day @ Workshop

After the accident, I had to bring the car to repair. Having no one to look after the kids at home, I had to bring them all to the workshop, and as I expected...

Our car

Aisyah & Anis (Amal's at school)

Fathi... as usual, he sits wherever he wants! dirty or not, it's not a problem (to him)

'Cute Patch' Project

Cute Cuppies for Aisyah
Tips for moms who think their kids' clothes are 'dull'. Make yourself a cute assorted design patches, then just sew it on... easy peesy...

You can use either some old cloth that you are no longer using (some old shirts), or you can just get this fabric-like paper (forgot its name) at any stationery store.

It comes in 10 colors each pack and it costs less than RM4. Fun way to 'glamorize' your kids' shirts (^_^)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fries Fries Fries....

All time favorite

Had this for berbuka one day (side dish), and another day for 'moreh' at home (^_^).... the kids asked for it.... and today?? perhaps.... huhuhu.... didn't matter though, as long as the kids (Aisyah and Amal) are happy and willingly to keep on fasting till the end.... insya Allah....

Sometimes, I don't really prefer to prepare this myself coz it might get overcooked if not being careful (ie. leave it unattended in the wok to attend the kids).... and you know how it looks like when it's overcooked (hangus)... and the taste.... eee.... but now that I have my beloved Pressure Cooker.... hehehe.... I'm ready to prepare anything.... just keep it coming boyz and gurlz.... mama is on the 'move'.... \^^/

What's so special about the PC? This is what :
~ No more 'burning' food coz so far, if I let the fries unattended in the PC, it won't get overcooked, which would normally be when using normal wok.
~ Save lots of cooking time ie. Nasi Beriyani cooked in just 7-8 mins! Wow!!
~ Craving for fried rice but not in the mood to get messy? No worries coz I'm able to prepare it in a jiffy and without a fuss coz the PC does it all!!

... these and many more....

Noxxa Pressure Cooker

This is my PC in action... hehehe.... thanx to my beloved hubby for this 'hard-working-sous chef' (^_^) and thanx for making my cooking life easier....

Aug 11, 2011 @ 10:30am

BPA Free Bottle - Pureen

New BPA-free bottles for our kids

Since the gov banned the BPA milk bottles (read it HERE), we decided to change all our kids' bottles. But actually, long before that, I already had the intention to do so coz Tupperware had brought the issue of 'Danger of using plastic bottles' for ages. In fact, I even bought Tupperware's milk bottles last year, only the problem is, it's quite difficult to replace the teats. Yes, Tupperware does provide extra teats (sold separately), but the cost for each are way too expensive. If it lasts long enough, it's surely worth it, but sadly no....

So, we bought new bottles instead - Pureen. Easy to get the bottles (sold almost at every shopping mall I think), easy to change the teats! And most importantly (for those who have color concerns), comes in choices of colors... hehehe....

Aug 11, 2011 @ 10:00am

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sand Art @ Playground

Hubby, reading Amagram while looking after Hifdzi

Fathi, wandering as usual...

Playing with sand art

Kisah Teladan 2 - Bila Si Kaya Meminta

Sekadar gambar hiasan
Satu lagi kisah yang bagi saya dapat memberi peringatan buat diri yang lemah ini.... (juga mengenai Puan L....)

Kisah 2

Sebelum A dan isterinya tunjuk peluang perniagaan yang mereka jalankan pada Puan L, mereka pernah bantu Puan L. Even setelah menjadi business partner, mereka selalu bantu Puan L (mostly dari sudut kewangan). Walaupun setelah Puan L 'rujuk' dengan bekas suaminya, mereka still bantu Puan L dan suaminya selagi mampu walaupun pada hakikatnya Puan L dan suaminya lebih berkemampuan dari A...

Selepas berlaku beberapa kes yang kurang menyenangkan, kepercayaan kepada Puan L berkurangan. Last-last, A dan isterinya dapat berita yang Puan L dan suaminya bercerai buat kali ke dua. Astaghfirullahalazim.... perkahwinan dah jadi macam permainan! Bernikah kemudian bercerai sesuka hati!

Kisah Teladan 1 - Kurang Rasa Bersyukur

"Dalam dunia ni, ada macam-macam jenis manusia, barulah hidup kita ni berwarna-warni... itulah indahnya hidup ni....".... hubby saya selalu cakap camni bila saya query tentang gelagat manusia yang 'pelik'.

Kat sini, ada dua kisah yang bagi saya boleh dijadikan sebagai peringatan buat diri dan juga sebagai panduan dalam menjalani kehidupan sebagai 'Khalifah' di atas muka bumi Allah ni...

Kisah 1

Si A dan isterinya menjalankan satu bisnes secara sambilan. Melalui bisnes tersebut, mereka dapat bantu family dan kawan-kawan mereka untuk mudahkan kerja-kerja rumah sambil jimat belanja bulanan. Ramai di kalangan rakan-rakan mereka yang jadi business partner. Tak kurang juga kenalan baru. Dan di antara kenalan baru mereka, seorang ibu tunggal (bercerai) yang mempunyai 2 orang anak lelaki (sekolah rendah) di bawah jagaannya dan 2 orang lagi (sekolah rendah dan menengah) di bawah jagaan suami.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2

Have seen the first part of so called the 'episode finale' of the famous Harry Potter movie. Can't wait to see the second part of it. Need to know the ending.... what's gonna happen to Harry, Hermione, Ron and the others? How is the battle between Harry and Voldemort gonna end? So many questions...

To HP fan, you can get some info from here - the movie, the cast, photos, video and much more. Enjoy!!

Aug 5, 2011 @ 10:15pm

Merlin - Season 4 Blooper Reel (SDCC)

Soo funny LOL.... can't stop laughing.... Bradley's horse (0:11)... hahahaha..... Colin's face after he jumped off the horse (1:32), funny scene.... Nathaniel's face when he couldn't stop laughing (0:50) and other funny scenes.... especially the broken door (3:09)... (^_^)

Can't wait for season 4!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maher Zain

Maher Zain
Feel like talking about nasyeed today...

Maher Zain...
His songs are beautiful... praise to Allah for his sweet voice... feel calm whenever listening to his songs... one of my favorite, For The Rest Of My Life...
the latest, Freedom... so beautiful...

Learn bout him HERE or look for his songs HERE. Enjoy!!

Donate It!!

Recycle For Charity 'box' near Mutiara Damansara 
Yesterday I 'talked' about clearing the kids' wardrobe, and I mentioned that I got all the undersized shirts packed. For what actually? Why does it need to be packed? Well, this is the reason - for charity. The shirts, eventhough are small (for my kids), but they are still in good condition (can still be worn). So, why waste? It's better to donate it rather than just throw it away coz who knows, there might be some kids out there who would really be happy to get those shirts.

So, to those out there who happen to have some old stuff, usefull stuff that no longer 'serve' you, let them 'serve' someone else, someone who's in need. Especially during Ramadhan coz for every good deed you do in this very month, you'll get more 'PAHALA' than in any usual month.

So, why wait! (^_^)

Aug 8, 2011 @ 1:40pm

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wardrobe Clearance!

Aisyah's new collection

Aisyah & Amal's

For this coming Syawal
Last weekend, I got the chance to go through the kids' wardrobe (which I haven't done for about a year now).... and Masya Allah, surprisingly, the kids have grown up so fast! Almost 70% of the shirts are undersized. Seemed like time to pack all the shirts now! And it also means, time to get some new shirts!

Bought the 'Watch Out' blouse last week, for Aisyah, Amal and Anis, all the same size. Thought of getting different sizes, but they all are about the same. The cashier asked me "Kembar ker kak?" hehehe.... I answered "Taklah... tapi nak sama besar..."

Then, on our way back from biz class yesterday, 'bumped' into 'The Store Warehouse Sales'. So.... hehehe.... had a quick stop, picked some blouses, 6 to be exact (2 for each Aisyah, Amal and Anis) and 2 pants for Aisyah. None for Fathi and Hifdzi coz couldn't fine any. As if the sale was only for gurlz... huhuhu....

Still, need to do some more shopping before Syawal, esp for Fathi and Hifdzi.... google+ing for more warehouse sales around Sg Buloh... hehehe....

Aug 8, 2011 @ 1:10pm

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wetland @ Putrajaya

Delivered Sugee to my friend at Putrajaya few weeks ago. Before heading home, we decided to take the kids to Wetland. Here are some of the pics I took...


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Official Merlin Series 4 Trailer!

So far, this is the only trailer I can find on YouTube... Hope to see more, or a better one... this one is from Comic Con... Can't wait to see the 'new' Merlin - Arthur... with all the spoilers, rumors, can't imagine what's it gonna be like.... (^_^)

Aug 5, 2011 @ 11:25pm

Friday, August 5, 2011

Terawih Di Rumah

Semalam terawih di rumah bersama anak-anak. Malam-malam sebelumnya, Aisyah dan Amal ikut hubby ke surau, tapi kebetulan semalam hubby ada jemputan berbuka dan terawih di rumah Mentor kami, so anak-anak berterawih dengan saya jer lah kat rumah.

Sebenarnya, walaupun tak dapat ke surau tak bermakna kita tak dapat nak terawih. Kat rumah pun boleh, asalkan ada kemahuan. Mostly, kaum wanita yang ada anak kecik, agak kurang senang untuk ke surau coz takut anak-anak meragam. So, pilihannya, terawih kat rumah dengan anak-anak.

The Mentalist

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) in The Mentalist
Ranking no 2 (no 1 is Merlin) in my Favorite TV Shows list is the famous TV Series, The Mentalist. Outranking Criminal Minds (now no 3), this TV series is unique in its own way.

Watching this series, makes us understand how human body reacts to our mind. Sometimes people are trying to hide something but unconsciously their body betrays them. It's amazing how our brain works, how it manages to control our body. Subhanallah, praise to Allah!...

I like how Jane (a CBI Consultant) works, how he solves a case. So unique, fun and amazing. He sees something unusual in what other people see as normal. He's able to manipulate people in so many ways. And most of time, he's able to drive people crazy (^_^), especially Lisbon (CBI Agent Teresa Lisbon).

Joining them is a beautiful 'Probie', Grace Van Pelt, a serious looking ex-gang, Agent Kimball Cho and a tough but low self confidence agent, Wayne Rigsby.

Learn more about the series episodes here or the characters here.

July 29, 5:00pm

Aisyah Meets A Toothfairy 2

Aisyah's 2nd upper tooth
Sunday, 24th of July 2011, Aisyah's 2nd upper tooth fell off. Two days after the first one! Hopefully both her teeth grow at the same time so that it would be balanced! Once again, she met a 'toothfairy' while she was awake... and guess what did she get? A teeth... ngee (^_^)

July 28, 3:10pm

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ini Kisahku @ TV9

Rancangan Ramadhan Di Hatiku TV9
Semalam sementara tunggu azan Maghrib, bukak TV9. Kebetulan masa tu ada siaran 'Ini Kisahku'. Terharu bila dengar kisah Cat (Catriona Ross)... bagaimana dia mendapat Hidayah Allah.... syukur Alhamdulillah.... mudah-mudahan Allah melindungi Cat dari sebarang fitnah dunia, dan mudah-mudahan Allah pelihara imannya....

Dan tadi tengok kisah Sham Kamikaze pulak... tapi sempat tengok halfway jer coz ada urusan....

Sebenarnya dah lama TV kat rumah ni tak terusik coz takder cerita yang bermanfaat, especially cerita melayu (sorry to say)... tapi bila tengok kisah ni, rasa bestnyer kalau banyak kisah-kisah macam ni yang ditayangkan....

So guys, apa lagi, tune in to TV9, 6:30pm. Semoga dengan menonton kisah-kisah sebegini, kita akan sentiasa rasa bersyukur dengan nikmat Iman dan Islam yang dikurniakan pada kita, insya Allah....

Aug 4, almost time to Iftor....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bersahur Dengan KEK!!

August 3, 2011

Alhamdulillah.... syukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana dipanjangkan usia hingga ke hari ini.... thanx to tete mama, especially mama, for giving birth of me, raising me, taking care of me, loving me and for everything.... may Allah bless you always... I love you both!!

Thanx to my beloved Hubby for completing my life, for loving me, supporting me, understanding me and for every second that we've spent together... may Allah bless us both, and may our love lasts forever... I love you soo much...

Thanx to all my lovely kids, Aisyah, Amal, Anis, Fathi and Hifdzi for making my life happier, and brighter and for giving me challenges to make me a better person... I love you all....

And to all my sahabat.... thanx for all the sweet wishes... and thanx for being my buddies... may Allah bless us all....

Aisyah Meets A Toothfairy

Aisyah's upper tooth
Friday 22nd of July, 2011, Aisyah's upper tooth fell off. She was preparing for her evening school when it suddenly came out of her mouth. She bleed for few seconds, and surely she was indeed crying. We've been waiting for weeks for the tooth to fall off. Finally! Seems like Aisyah met her 'toothfairy' while she was awake :P

July 28, 3:00pm

Monday, August 1, 2011

Amal's BD Party @ PASTI

Konnyaku Jelly with fruit cocktail... all time favorite!

Amal... couldn't wait to bring it to school...

close-up... nyum nyum nyum...
Amal : Ma, cikgu kata Isnin ni ada birthday party Amal... cikgu suruh buat jeli...
Me (while reading the circular given) : Ok....


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