Friday, May 27, 2011

Teacher's Day

When Aisyah's school held its Teacher's Day celebration, we were in KT, so we didn't get the chance to attend it. And I was quite busy that didn't get any chance of making anything for her teacher.

But syukur Alhamdulillah, I finally got that chance. Here are some pics of what I manage to prepare. Just a little something for her teacher...

A simple card for Aisyah's teacher

Copyright reserved (^^)
A special mini chocolate bouquet

Along with Garden Chocolate box filled with candies
Done @ around 2 or 3am... and my head is spinning and spinning and spinning....

New Experience!

Weekend lepas hubby ajak keluar round2 bersama anak2. Tapi bukan dengan kereta, but KTM! Just to let the kids experience new things.

Kami park kereta kat stesen Sg Buloh. Amik train dari situ, turun kat Mid Valley.

1st time nih...

kat Mid Valley
kebetulan ada mende nih... wah! excited!! my fav movie nih (^^)

more pics coming up... nak pilih2 dulu... (^^)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jarum & Benang

Kebetulan hari tu back up Hard Drive PC. Sambil tu belek gambar2 lama. Terjumpa lah gambar2 ni...

Bila tengok balik gambar2 ni, teringatlah kat hobi lama... menjahit (reka2 design baju)... asalnya jahit baju raya Aisyah, jahit tangan jer coz masa tu belum ada mesin jahit. Tapi bila dah start balik hobi menjahit, hubby pun belikan mesin jahit cute (kecik), warna pink gitu... tapi gambar tak pernah snap... huhuhu...

Bila dah ada mesin jahit, maka bermulalah operasi menjahit baju kurung kanak2. Macam2 idea masa tu. Ada satu fesyen tu, ada tali kat bawah baju, boleh jerut :)

Setelah operasi selesai, teka apa jadi kat baju2 tersebut? (^^)

yang ni biasa jer, cuma leher bertali

yang ni ada tali kat bawah

yang ni pun

yang pink ni pun
Sekarang mesin tu tersimpan rapi, guna time perlu jer eg. time nak jahit langsir baru ker... hehehe

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fathi's New Haircut!

After days of planning, finally I got the chance to give Fathi a haircut. Wasn't easy as I thought it would be... huhuhu...

Syukur Alhamdulillah he didn't cry, but he also didn't sit still....
looks more like his Papa now

Look how happy he is... hehehe
When Hifdzi sees his koko with the new haircut, he puts his hand on koko's head thinking 
"Wow... koko's head looks like mine...." ngee :P

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drawing Time!

drew this for Aisyah... she was so happy...

this one is also for Aisyah... drew one for Amal too, but different picture. I drew Pooh, Tigger and Piglet for her. Didn't get a chance to snap, the drawing got ruined... huhuhu
Got my old habit back! Drawing! I love to draw ever since I was a kid (just like any other kids), mostly cartoon character. Sometimes I draw portrait, but I'm not very good at that. But it's been very long time since I draw. Looking at the drawing block I bought for Aisyah, brings back some old memories... hehehe... I think I'll stick to this habit for my kids coz they love it when I draw for them.

Looking back to my childhood, I actually had interest in so many things. I learnt about lots of things from my mom - knitting, crocheting, sewing, baking and many other things. The only thing I didn't learn much from her was COOKING... hehehe... I wasn't really into it. But now I know it was a mistake, a big one! If I had learnt from her back then, now I would be able to cook like her coz she cooked deliciously. Not saying that I can't cook, just I couldn't cook most of the meal she used to cook for us coz those recipes were made by herself. She likes to create her own recipe, mixing stuff, put some of this some of that, and voila! Me? Still haven't got the 'magic hand'... But still, my cooking manage to make my family smile (^^)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend @ Hutan Lipur Lentang

 Last Sunday, we went to Hutan Lipur Lentang. The kids were very happy.

Here are some pics I managed to snap...

enjoying the cold water... woohooo....
Hifdzi and me? just watching from aside... huhuhu
Anis was so adventurous... she enjoyed the water a lot!
snap my own pic with Hifdzi (^^)
Fathi was being dunked... hehehe...
where we sat that day
even had their breakfast in the water! unbelievable!
some monkeys were spying for food... huhuhu
testing my technique (^^)
a good Cece :)
take 5!
final rinse!
swimsuit model... (^^)
again, watching from aside... :(
3 princesses
otw back to the car
tired? exhausted? nope... definitely not! they were still energetic!
among the shops available
bridge to cross
more ahead

approaching the tunnel... my hand just couldn't stop snapping... hehehe
in the tunnel
such a beautiful view
love the green scene
beautiful sky... masya Allah...
such a wonderful scene... Subhanallah...
Aisyah didn't wanna go home yet. She wanted to stay longer... but we promised to go there again, next time, insya Allah....


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