Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Flower Crown Again

Made my 7th & 8th flower crown using smaller flowers... if I'm not mistaken, it's Hydrangea. Suitable for grown-ups (^^)

Made these for my sisters-in-law...hee...

Najdah MH
Dec 17, 2014 @ 0045 hrs

Saturday, December 13, 2014

To Do List

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It's been a very busy week...still have tons of things to do for our lil' brother's wedding...crossed only few tasks from my 'To Do' list...which is a very long list...

Need to speed up a bit since we haven't got much time left. But 'm afraid that would be quite fact, seems like gonna have to slow down a bit coz my baby is having diarrhea. Have to juggle between houseworks, my kids, my business, my 'To Do' list, and for the past few days, the toilet.

Hope my baby gets better anytime soon insyaAllah...poor Muaz...hope he'll be fine...back to being himself, happy and cute...a lil bit of naughty (^^)

Najdah MH
Dec 13, 2014 @ 1228 hrs

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Handmade Flower Crown

1st trial

Quite busy preparing for our lil' brother's wedding lately. Made this flower crown for my gurls and their cousins. Just finished 2 crowns... still have 4 to go... was planning to use small flowers, but the flower shop only had big ones... turned out quite nice though... can't wait to see them put it on during the wedding reception (^^)

Najdah MH
Dec 3, 2014 @ 2020hrs

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What 'Resting' Means To Me

Handmade shelf

My 'therapy' spot (^^)

Normally when people got tired and exhausted, they would take a rest. Me too... but instead of having a normal rest (taking a nap etc), I choose to have it my own way, a different yet effective way (^^)

Now, what would I do when I got tired from all the houseworks? Here's what... I would spend some quality time at my 'therapy' spot... either making a scrapbook... preparing a gift for my friends' newborn (once in a while)... making mini albums... decorating 'things'... or blogging, like now :D

It doesn't seem much of a help... but it does do the trick... well, to me at least... it would take my mind off the 'tiredness'... and when that happens, back to houseworks (^^)

I find doing this is much better than having a nap...

The mini shelf in the 1st pic, I made it myself. Bought few pieces of wood board from Daiso, glued it together, sticked some patterned paper, sealed it with mod podge. Finally, placed some ice cream sticks on both sides just to secure it. The result, superb! Though it wasn't professionally made, but it was quite a success (trying not to brag... hahaha...)

The 2nd pic, decorate my 'therapy' spot on my own. Placed some wall stickers which I originally bought for my kitchen... but it turned out nice... made a stick-a-note reminder board... made few photo frames (soon to decorate)... but of course, the 1st step was to place both the shelf and the rail on the wall... that was the hardest work...

It might not seem like a rest at all... more works actually... to normal people, perhaps... but to me and other crafters I believe, this is how we take a 'rest'...

Najdah MH
Dec 1, 2014 @ 1100hrs (just finished preparing the meal)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hook By Ikea

Gambar snap di Ikea

Recently saya ada ajak hubby ke Ikea. Just untuk dapatkan ideas of how to decorate small house and of course to grab few things.

Found this hook which is used to hang foldable chairs on the wall. Wow! Just the perfect thing for me... ngee...

Grab 4 of these coz we have 4 foldable chairs... and last few days baru berkesempatan pasang di dinding. So I spent half day menukul hari tu... bukan hook ni jer la... among other things... kalau hook ni jer, sekejap jer menukul (^^) and the result, superb! Memang jimat space! That's why I like Ikea... hehehe...

Talk about menukul... penat sangat2... sampai ke hari ni masih terasa... maybe sebab dah lama saya tak buat kerja2 menukul ni... since preggy Muaz last year... tapi walaupun penat, memang puas hati sangat2 coz rumah jadi lebih teratur...

Untuk space rumah yang kecik, barang2 Ikea memang sesuai sangat2... (free promo ni... hahaha)

Najdah MH
Dec 1, 0750hrs

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sewing Project - Tilam Baby

1st trial jahit tilam sendiri. Quite tricky coz guna mesin jahit portable jer... so bila nak pusing2 tilam time jahit corak pada kain tu agak mencabar. But still, manage to complete 2 pieces in such a short time... happy la jugak coz jahit main hentam keromo jer... bukannya pernah attend kursus menjahit pun... huhuhu... dah la tu, bertahun jugak tak menjahit ni... so bila dah siap tu, excited dia terlebih sikit... hahaha...

Still outstanding another piece... maybe boleh complete hujung Dec kot coz sekarang ni tengah siapkan projek wedding doorgift (^^)

Najdah MH
Dec 1, 2014 @ 0740hrs

Monday, December 1, 2014

'Ahli' Baru Koleksi Kereta My Boys

1st metal plane

1st metal police car

The boys were so excited bila saya belikan depa new car toys and plane. Happy sangat2 bila tengok depa happy... paling suka bila tengok Hasan main... siap ada sound effect lagi... Hasan memang dari kecik lagi macam tu... dari usianya belum setahun memang dah pandai main (^^)

Koleksi kereta mainan kecik depa dah ada macam2 warna dan jenis sekarang ni. Saya memang suka beli yang kecik2 ni, senang nak simpan... and setiap kali nak beli, saya akan pilih yang body nya metal. Kalau yang plastik, tak tahan... sekejap jer dah tercabut sana sini... lagi2 la bila ada yang suka jadi 'engineer'...hahaha... siapa lagi kalau bukan Hifdzi :P

Najdah MH
Dec 1, 2014 @ 0720hrs


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