Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Throwback Tuesday| Kesejukan Di Germany/Switzerland

Antara suhu yang sempat aku rakamkan sepanjang berada di bumi Germany & Switzerland...

1st day - Bensheim, Hesse, Germany
2nd day - Hart, Bavaria, Germany
2nd day, night - Kempten, Germany
3rd day - still in Kempten
3rd day, night - Madretsch, Bern
1st day in Switzerland
4th day, night - still in Bern

1st day in Germany, I only had my blouse on - the usual blouse I always wear back in Malaysia. No sweater, nor winter jacket.

After having breakfast, we went outside of the hotel for sightseeing. Once we opened the door, we could feel the morning breeze. It was quite cold. Thought it would be just like sitting in an 'air-conditioned' room. But once we step our foot outside, boy, it was very cold. We were totally freezing. Our face turned red. We can hardly breathe. Was like breathing ice.

But still, we took few pictures. Walk few metres. Then we went back inside.

The temperature was 0 degree celcius. No wonder we felt like walking popsicles... hahhaaa...

From that day on, everytime we went outside, we would have our jackets on. But occassionally, I would take it off. My skin was kinda able to adapt with the weather there. I would only had my jacket on when it touched 0 degree or when it was windy, and no more shivering even if I hadn't wear my gloves.

As far as I can recall, the coldest day was on the 3rd day of our trip. We were in Kempten, Bavaria. It touched -2 degree. But still, it can't compare to when we were at Mount Titlis, Switzerland.

Though it was only 0 degree at Mount Titlis, but it was absolutely colder coz it was windy, and we were told that snowstorm was coming.

Had fun at the top of the mountain. Didn't get the chance to make 'Olaf' though. Had to get back in when eventually felt like my mouth was frozen. Plus, I was kinda suffocating from breathing in snow... huhu...

So in love with the cold weather there. Wish we could stay there longer (^^)

Najdah MH Hansen
May 13, 2015 @ 0130 hrs

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