Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Back To 'Knitting'

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Can't remember when was the last time I knit. But the one I will always remember is my sweater.

My mom knitted a sweater for my dad. It was yellow. I remember watching her patiently follow the steps in her book just to make a perfect sweater for him. I was so excited that I decided to follow her.

I picked the color pink (was my favorite color... hee...). I started to knit my own sweater. Felt like it took me ages to finish up a medium sized sweater. But as a beginner, I was doing pretty good... it was perfect... until I can no longer 'keep' my patience... I was too eager to wear my handmade sweater... seeing my mom finished up knitting my dad's, I was forced to speed up the process...

The result... hahaha... I can say I was both satisfied and regret... the 1st because I made it! I successfully made my own sweater! Yeay for me! The latter, because I skip few steps making it kinda short for me... but overall, I was proud of myself (^^)

Now, I'm planning to teach my kids how to knit. Not just that, I'll also teach them how to sew, crochet like my mom had taught me when I was a kid.

Najdah MH Hansen
May 6, 2015 @ 0936 hrs

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