Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hifdzi's 1st BD

July 18 - Hifdzi's 1st Birthday

"Happy Birthday to our beloved son, Hifdzi... may Allah bless you always... may you grow up to be a Mukmin Soleh and also as a Huffaz... may a great future lies upon you... and may every step you take is guided by IMAN... insya Allah.... amiin amiin ya Rabbal 'alamin..."

We are proud to have you and we love you sooo much... - PapaMama, Cece 2x and Koko

I baked Choc Moist cake, Toy Story theme for Hifdzi

Sleeping baby for Hifdzi

Hifdzi 'cuts' the cake

Out celebrating @ McD

"I want more!!"... (^^)

Aisyah, enjoying the meal

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