Thursday, September 22, 2011

Painting Project

Since we were gonna have an Open House last few weeks, we did some painting coz our house was 'decorated' by the kids.... they are soo 'artistic' (^^)

First day, we painted in the evening.... the kids weren't asleep, except Hifdzi... but when he woke up.... boy! he ate the paint!! so, we decided to wait till they all fell asleep.

Hifdzi, paint on the shirt

... his leg too...
The 2nd day (which was the night before our Open House), the kids were asleep, except Amal - she purposedly stay awake to help with the painting. We started at 12 midnight and ended at 3 in the morning. Amal? Still have the energy to continue, if we were to continue....

Sept 21, 2011

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