Thursday, September 29, 2011

Me, 24/7 Houseworks



There a lots to tell my kids when they grow up. Stories of their upbringing. And lots to remember too...

One day, I'll read this again, and I shall be proud for having such a lovely kids... and for raising them on my own, no maid, no nanny or whatsoever.... just like my mama... Alhamdulillah....

My day starts before my kids' and ends long after theirs. If they go to bed at 12 midnight (which is every night), then I go to bed between 1am to 3am. Same goes with my hubby, coz he can only do his work when all the kids have gone to bed. Eventhough he got home at around 11-12, and he feels tired, but he stays awake just for the kids, or to help me with some of my houseworks. Love you hubby (^^).

Before we got our first child, we weren't used to sleep late at night. So, when we first got Aisyah, we always felt tired coz we always stayed up late. Aisyah cried a lot as a baby. She barely sleeps. Thought it might ended as she grew up, but till now, she doesn't sleep much. Ever since she was small, she only sleeps at night, midnight. No morning nap for her. In fact, all my kids are just the same. They wake up early in the morning, don't do much sleeping during the day, just sometimes some of them take a nap in the evening, then go to bed late at night.

At first, we felt so tired. But after a while, we started to get used to it, and now, not getting enough sleep at night, doesn't bother us anymore, Alhamdulillah.

A full-time housewife works 24/7 a week, 365 days a year. No MC, no planned leave or whatsoever. Sounds pretty bad aye? But it's actually every mother's DREAM! I say it again, it's every mother's DREAM to be a full-time housewife!! It may seem exhausting (which is true), but the 'reward,' the satisfaction of being able to do everything for your loved ones, makes it worth it!

Everyday I do the same thing - I cook, I do the laundry, fold the shirts, wash the dishes, clean and tidy up the house, prepare my kids for school, their uniforms and books, drive Aisyah to school in the afternoon and pick her up in the evening and etc. From time to time, there are additional 'jobs' for me, that is when Fathi or Hifdzi throws up. Or when the house is like a 'tongkang pecah,' which is a HUGE mess! Everyday!! Especially when I got home from sending Aisyah to school. Toys everywhere, in the rooms, both mine and the girls', in the living room and at the kitchen. And books and pencils scattered everywhere. Most of time, I need to tidy up couple of times a day. Kids! Come on, I just clean up the whole place!

Sometimes, I do get angry... well, most of time! But hubby always tells me to be patient. Our kids are gifts from Allah. It's our responsibility to raise them, to teach them and to protect them. It's also our responsibility to do the best for them. Sometimes we just forgot the responsibilities lie on our shoulders. Alhamdulillah hubby always reminds me things that I always forgot. Thank you hubby...

My 'jobs' get even more when hubby got even busier with his work, business, usrah and social activities. Before, hubby always does the monthly shopping. But now, it is up to me. It's a bit fun though coz I do need my 'therapy' (^^). Don't get me wrong, it's not the 'shopping', but the 'got to go out' thing (^^). I don't quite fancy 'shopping' itself coz I have nothing much to buy. Our monthly shopping is just the kids' diapers and milks, some groceries and? and nothing more... that's all.

Sometimes, I do feel tired... but hubby always reminds me that it's his duty as a Muslim to do all the things that he's been doing the whole time. And it's my duty to 'guard' our home, to take care of our kids and to support him. To 'steal' his time, is to 'steal' everyone's time! But he always spends his time with us when he can. That's the best thing about him. He always cares.

Actually, I don't mind hubby going out with his friends, or coming home late coz I know him, I know his friends. I know where he goes, what he does. I wont question him. Only sometimes I do get sulky, that is when I feel very extremely tired, when our kids acting up. But after listening to his advice, I always feel bad. I'm not supposed to get sulky coz we as Muslims do have our responsibilities, not just towards ourselves, our families and friends, but towards the Ummah. We are after all 'Khalifah'!

Few years from now, I'm gonna read this with hubby, and it shall remind us of our 'journey' together in raising our kids. And we would feel great and grateful to Allah for all His blessings.... Alhamdulillah....

Sept 28, 2011 @ 5:00pm

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