Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cool Refreshment!!

Blended mango & ice blended bandung
How much does it cost for a glass of ice blended? Around RM3-5. Right? So, why waste your money? Just do it yourself. It's so simple.... a piece of cake! Plus, you'll get whatever flavour you like, whenever you want or how many glasses...

These I made for my kids (and of course for hubby and me too).... last week I think... It was refreshing.... yummy.... better than the one you get from outside...

Wanna try? Get some mangos, cut into pieces, put it in the blender, put some chilled water, some sweetened milk, then blend! Put some ice cubes if you like. Voila!

Ice blended? Put some ice cubes in a cup (a lot, 3/4 cup), some fruit juice (your favourite flavor), some water (just to 'move' the blender) and blend! Try it!

Aug 17, 2011 @ 3:10pm

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