Monday, August 8, 2011

Wardrobe Clearance!

Aisyah's new collection

Aisyah & Amal's

For this coming Syawal
Last weekend, I got the chance to go through the kids' wardrobe (which I haven't done for about a year now).... and Masya Allah, surprisingly, the kids have grown up so fast! Almost 70% of the shirts are undersized. Seemed like time to pack all the shirts now! And it also means, time to get some new shirts!

Bought the 'Watch Out' blouse last week, for Aisyah, Amal and Anis, all the same size. Thought of getting different sizes, but they all are about the same. The cashier asked me "Kembar ker kak?" hehehe.... I answered "Taklah... tapi nak sama besar..."

Then, on our way back from biz class yesterday, 'bumped' into 'The Store Warehouse Sales'. So.... hehehe.... had a quick stop, picked some blouses, 6 to be exact (2 for each Aisyah, Amal and Anis) and 2 pants for Aisyah. None for Fathi and Hifdzi coz couldn't fine any. As if the sale was only for gurlz... huhuhu....

Still, need to do some more shopping before Syawal, esp for Fathi and Hifdzi.... google+ing for more warehouse sales around Sg Buloh... hehehe....

Aug 8, 2011 @ 1:10pm

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