Monday, January 13, 2014

Not All Women Are The Same

Assumptions can sometimes hurt people's feeling…especially bad assumptions…and so does prejudgment.

Men like to think that all women are the same. They like to think that all women like jewellery, diamonds, bags, shoes, all those luxuries and also window shopping. In another word, they think that all women like spending money. They're wrong! TOTALLY!

Not all women are as what they think. There are a lot of women out there that are different…and I live among them…and I'm also one of them.

Different than some women, my mom, mom-in-law and I are not really into all those luxuries, jewellery, diamonds etc. I also don't like handbags, window shopping, makeup, or having a huge collection of shoes and watches. I'm not a fan of cars or luxury homes etc.

A conversation with my hubby's friend few weeks ago kinda forced me to write this. He told us that his wife asked for a luxury car. He said that, women are tend to spend their husbands' money. So if not managed carefully, the wife might overspend.

To me, there's nothing wrong for a wife to ask something from the husband…a token of appreciation perhaps…after all, the wife has indeed sacrificed a lot for the husband and their children. But I myself prefer not to ask for anything. Maybe because I have nothing to ask for. And if I do have something that I want, I would rather use my own money than to burden my husband.

One thing we as a wife need to understand…the money that our husband work for everyday is for the survival of the family. Therefore, as a wife, we need to think a way of spending it wisely. And only on necessities. That is our responsibilities.

To men, not all women are the same. As a human being, we are all different from one another. And as a husband and wife, we just simply complete each other. Appreciate each other for each of us has made a huge sacrifice for our family in our own way.

Najdah MH
Jan 13, 2014 @ 0008 hrs

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