Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Worst Day Ever!!

Anis was having fun with her Milk Project, doing some shampooing and facial treatment... Fathi joined along, as a 'Model'...

Fathi, clueless... me? speechless...

Was feeling very sleepy this morning.... huargh.... still do... didn't get enough sleep lately... the kids always went to bed around midnight during Ramadhan, coz after coming home from Tarawih with my hubby, they stayed up either to finish their 'Kad Raya' project, watch Barney or play. So, when Amal, Anis and Fathi went to sleep this morning (Aisyah was at school), I joined along (",), hoping to get some sleep for an hour or so.

What surprised me is... when I woke up about an hour later, I saw some milk powder on the bed, along with a bottle and a milk container. Thinking that it was the only spilt, I was quite ok with it, even though I had to change the bed-sheet, again, after I've just got it changed last night! Still, not too much to do, just change the bed-sheet and wash it, that's all! But what I didn't know is something else was happening....

Amal was sleeping beside me, so, I asked her. When she said, it wasn't her, I rushed to the kitchen. Guess what I found! Anis was rubbing Fathi's head with milk powder!! As if she was shampooing Fathi's hair. Ya Allah! I was speechless.

Didn't know what to say to her. To yell at her, it wasn't the best way to teach her. She didn't know what she did was wrong. To smile at her? argh... was too surprised... finally, I picked her up, put her in the toilet (where she likes to play the most), left her there, and started the cleaning. I had to mop the floor all the way from the kitchen to my bedroom. Not just that, I also had to change the bed-sheet, wash it, and re-wash my clothes which was already washed, only now covered with milk!

argh.... so exhausted!! Today is the worst day ever!

Normally Anis would ask for her milk, and if I was asleep, she would wake me up. She would then climb the chair to get her bottle and her milk container from the cabinet, give it to me, and then put the chair back where it belongs - beside the table. But today... didn't know what was in her mind. Probably she just wanted to try to make herself some milk. Kids at her age, tend to try doing things on their own. Letting go my anger on her, won't give any help with her learning process.

Anytime, should any of you out there encounter with the same problem, try to keep calm and please be patience. You'll be needing a lot of PATIENCE. Kids between the age of 2-5 are still in learning process. They don't know what is right and what is wrong. We are the one who's gonna teach them doing the right things and doing things right. To make them a good person, we have to show them how by being a good person ourselves.

Written on Sept 15, 2009 @ 2:27pm

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