Thursday, September 3, 2009

Campus Life... really miss it!

Couple of days ago, when I was FB ing, I found some of my old friends from university... boy I was glad. I quickly sent a request to add them to my list....

Campus life was fun! I can still remember the day when I received the letter from UiTM. I was a bit frustrated though coz I was expecting to hear from UTM Skudai. I was actually hoping to join ATMA at UTM coz I really like 'military' sort of things... hehe... so I decided NOT to accept the offer. Plus, my sister was getting married in the same week I need to register! There was no way I would miss that day!

But then, after my sister's wedding, I had a second thought. I accepted the offer coz my dad had spent a lot for my sis' wedding. And I wasn't going to have him pay more for my studies at a private college (which I applied before). So, I called UiTM to inform them that I was going to be late, and I won't be joining the MWS (Minggu Wawasan Siswa) due to some family business. I was a bit worried actually... I was afraid that I won't be accepted for being late. But Alhamdulillah, I still had a chance.

So, days after my sis' wedding, my parents sent me to UiTM Machang, Kelantan. For the first time I was apart from my family... for my whole life, I had never been far from them... I was born in KT, grew up in KT, and went to school in KT... spent my whole life in KT.... so, I was a bit nervous... plus, the day my parents sent me there was the first day of LIPB (Latihan Intensif Pelajar Baru) right after MWS. I was a bit surprised coz I thought I missed all the 'ragging'.

Alhamdulillah the LIPB only for couple days... and there was no 'ragging' like my brother used to talk about... hehe... those days had passed.... no more 'ragging' freshies.... yeay!

For almost 3 years I spent my life at UiTM (June 2000 - April 2003), I had been through a lot... challenges, hard times... learnt new things.... found new friends.... gained new experiences... not forgetting the fun I had with all my friends... really miss those with no worries... well, at least not as much as now...

Can still remember one night, when I helped my friend with her project (clay project)... we stayed up all night to finish it... and the next day, we went out to KB, without taking a nap, not even a minute! We thought, we could take a nap in the bus. But guess what! There was no empty seat! We had to stand up all way from Machang to KB... and not just that, we were standing at the front row, right beside the driver! Still, I fell asleep! Standing! Can you believe that! Alhamdulillah I didn't fall off.

Hmm... so much fun then... wish I could have those days back....

Now... having the chance to meet with old friends, is something that I would never ever miss! Especially my best friend. Friendship is forever! Really hope that one day, we could all gather along, talk about old days, laugh about old memories.... really really miss my friends.... where are you guys? miss you all!

Written on Sept 3, 2009 @ 10:30am

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