Wednesday, September 9, 2009


ball... got it from the web....

A week ago, after Aisyah got home from school, she told me that one of her friends gave her a paper plane. She said her friend had lots of them. I told her to make some for her friends too. She said she didn't know how to make one. So I promised to teach her.

Everyday she kept asking me when would I teach her. I told her that we need to buy some colored papers first. Then she kept asking for the papers.

When we finally went shopping on weekend, she was so excited that she kept asking for the papers all the way to the shopping complex.  

As soon as we got home from shopping (as we got in the house), she kept bugging me, asking me to help her with the paper plane. Oh Aisyah.... she couldn't wait to try new things, always... I told her to wait.

So, after I got changed, tidy up a bit, I made her a plane, a purple one. She then tried to make one. Not just that, she made lots of it. Too many that I thought maybe I could teach her to do something else. Otherwise the house would be messed with planes. So, I googled for origami. Found an interesting site .

I tried to make an elephant, a vampire, a unikorn and a boat (photos are not taken yet. Will upload when available). She was so happy. Till today, everytime when she woke up, she would ask for a new figure. Got myself a new routine now... oh boy....

Written on Sept 9, 2009 @ 3:04pm

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