Sunday, January 18, 2015

Make A Note!

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Previously, I shared about making a list. This time, I'm gonna share a lil bit on making a note.

It's the same thing actually. Same concept, but different focus.

This time, the focus is on accomplishing a task. I used to 'save' my task list in my original brain :D

But lately, for the past few years, my workload is getting more and more. Thus, forcing my 'RAM' to save endless data. Am afraid my 'RAM' would crash one day...ngee... so, as my husband always advice (for so many times...hahhaa...), I started to make a NOTE.

I list down every single thing that I need to do. Cross every completed task. Highlight every important thing. Set a deadline for each task. And most importantly, keep the note nice and neat (^^)

So now, I have a checklist and it seems to help a lot. Give it a try ;)

Najdah MH
Jan 16, 2015 @ 1419 hrs

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