Friday, November 6, 2009

Rehlah Bersama Sahabat @ Teluk Kemang

Last weekend we went to Teluk Kemang with some of our friends. As we arrived there, we had to take Fathi to a clinic first coz he got a fever... his temperature was high that day. Then we drop by at pasar malam on our way back to our home-stay. Got myself a pair of Minnie head-rest for my car seat... :p

at a clinic in PD

Anis was exhausted that she fell asleep all the way to the clinic

Fathi, asleep after got his medicine

Aisyah and Amal were thirsty after a long walk

That evening, we took the kids to the beach. They were so happy, except for Anis who refused to go. She wanted to play with bubble instead... She was so sad. She cried, especially when seeing her papa disappeared (my hubby dived in)... poor Anis...

such a beautiful view... love this pic

my hubby went for a diving... huhu

Anis cried after seeing my hubby dived in


our friends' kids



moody... Anis didn't wanna come along...

having fun...

Fathi enjoys the sand...

some of Pemuda Damai that joined the Rehlah... (from right : Syima, Riduan, Nuar, Ida, Azi, Zainan, Azfar, Muni and us)
not in pic : Izzudin and Nani

The time we spent there was priceless... It's because we got the opportunity to strengthen our friendship and most important is, we got to know each other more... We had fun too... Our kids were so happy to play with their friends especially when they were at the beach, well, except for Anis who was forced to go there... huhu... can't wait to have another trip like this....

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