Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Basic Skincare

Before I was married, I know nothing about skin-care or make-up. All I care was to at least have my face protected from the UV ray - either using sunblock or creme, that's all! Never had lipstick put on my lips! Never had whatever kind of make-ups applied on my face! Then, after I got married, and we joined a business with our friends, I gained a priceless knowledge (for women - for men too actually)... that is the Basic 3.

What is Basic 3?

Basic 3 is the basic skin-care. It is important not to just women, but also men. Why? Because our skin needs protection from the UV. The basic 3 consists of Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer or Creme. The purpose of using these skin-care products is to maintain a healthy skin. Doesn't matter whether we want to look gorgeous or not because skin-care is not cosmetics.


It cleanses our skin as it exfoliates, renews and refines.


It removes any last traces of make-up, dirt and cleanser.

Moisturizer/ Creme

It increases moisture content of the skin.

Skin Type

In choosing a suitable type of skin-care, we must first know what type of skin we have. It's either Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily or Sensitive. Me, I have both Dry and Sensitive... huhu... makes it hard to get a suitable one... but Alhamdulillah I've found one, and I'm gonna stick to it!

Thanks to my friend for telling me 'bout this. Really appreciate it. I know that it's a common knowledge, especially to women, but I truly didn't know 'bout it. Now, everytime before going out, I'll make sure my skin is protected with Moisturizer which is combined with SPF20, especially on sunny days....

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