Sunday, December 7, 2014

What 'Resting' Means To Me

Handmade shelf

My 'therapy' spot (^^)

Normally when people got tired and exhausted, they would take a rest. Me too... but instead of having a normal rest (taking a nap etc), I choose to have it my own way, a different yet effective way (^^)

Now, what would I do when I got tired from all the houseworks? Here's what... I would spend some quality time at my 'therapy' spot... either making a scrapbook... preparing a gift for my friends' newborn (once in a while)... making mini albums... decorating 'things'... or blogging, like now :D

It doesn't seem much of a help... but it does do the trick... well, to me at least... it would take my mind off the 'tiredness'... and when that happens, back to houseworks (^^)

I find doing this is much better than having a nap...

The mini shelf in the 1st pic, I made it myself. Bought few pieces of wood board from Daiso, glued it together, sticked some patterned paper, sealed it with mod podge. Finally, placed some ice cream sticks on both sides just to secure it. The result, superb! Though it wasn't professionally made, but it was quite a success (trying not to brag... hahaha...)

The 2nd pic, decorate my 'therapy' spot on my own. Placed some wall stickers which I originally bought for my kitchen... but it turned out nice... made a stick-a-note reminder board... made few photo frames (soon to decorate)... but of course, the 1st step was to place both the shelf and the rail on the wall... that was the hardest work...

It might not seem like a rest at all... more works actually... to normal people, perhaps... but to me and other crafters I believe, this is how we take a 'rest'...

Najdah MH
Dec 1, 2014 @ 1100hrs (just finished preparing the meal)

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