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Pregnancy And Supplement

During my first pregnancy, little I know about nutrition and wellness for pregnant women. I only took what I thought was important to me and my baby. But then, only after I delivered my first child, I found out that what I took was only a part of it.

These are among what is important for a pregnant woman and the baby she's carrying...

Multivitamin to ensure our body gets all the necessary vitamins, thus giving the baby all the vitamins it needs.

Protein is the major food source from which blood, muscles and tissues are built. It's important for the development of the baby and it helps in wound healing.

Iron helps in the formation of red blood cells and prevention of iron anaemia. While Folic Acid helps prevent neural tube defect in the foetus. It is very important for pregnant women (during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy) and those who are planning to conceive.

Vitamin C (best taken with Bioflavonoid to prolong the existence of vitamin C in our system) is an antioxidant needed for maintaining healthy bones, teeth and gums and is important for the baby's immune system. It also aids in wound healing. Meanwhile, for pregnant women it helps to prevent bleeding gums.

Calcium is the main components of our bones and teeth, it influences blood clotting, transmissions of nerve impulses, maintenance of cell membranes, enzyme reactions and hormone secretions.
While Magnesium is important for healthy cells, the manufacture of proteins and normal kidney functions. A deficiency of Magnesium affects the body's ability to regulate its use of Calcium. That's why it's best to consume Calcium together with Magnesium.
It's for the baby's bones and teeth and helps to prevent backache and cramps.

B Complex is essential for the development of red blood cells as well as the normal functioning of the nervous system. It helps promote healthy skin, nails, hair and eyes and also assists in the release of energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

If we can get all these essential vitamins from our daily meal, then there is no need to take any supplements. But the problem is, our eating habit! We tend to consume unhealthy food, mostly fast food which is as we all know, not good for our health! And yet, we prefer to consume it anyway... huhu...

Written on Nov 3, 2009 @ 8:50pm

Najdah MH
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