Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Extra 20 Cents Just For Postcode!?

Got surprised, very surprised today when my hubby called and told me that I have to pay extra RM0.20 (stamp) for a piece of letter (makes it RM0.50 a piece) just because I wrote down the postcode at the lower right of the envelope. So ridiculous! And I need to post more than 350 pieces of letters, can you imagine how many extra money I have to pay!? Around RM70.00 (RM175.00 instead of just RM105.00)!!

When I was young, I used to do the same, and as I can remember, we used to have the kind of envelope which have boxes for postcode right at the bottom. Since when does this changed? Maybe I didn't notice, but still, extra 20 cents is too much for a simple mistake!!

I know that it's my own fault - writing down the postcode without prior checking. But I was only making it easier (in my opinion) for the delivery process - highlighting the postcode. Well, maybe it does sound stupid! But I was only trying to help.... :( but it costs me RM70 instead......

And you know what makes it worse? I have to either pay the extra money or to dispose the envelope and use a new one because I can't just simply erase the postcode. And even if I do manage to erase all the postcodes, I would still need to pay the extra 20 cents!! Can you believe that!!?

But what's even worse, eventhough I pay the extra 20 cents, the process is still the same, very slow! Typical! Poor hubby, he skipped his lunch and late for work just to help me.... hope nothing else happens next, who knows, more ridiculous procedures.

Thanks to my hubby.... :)

~ After I googled, I finally found out that Pos Malaysia started to have all these standards in Jan 2006. No wonder I didn't know. That time, most people use e-mail instead of post mail. I bet people at my age who used to do the same as I did would still be doing so.... But I couldn't find anything about penalty or the extra charge in the web. Well, maybe I overlooked.

The standard envelope

March 2, 2010 @ 1:45pm

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