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Supplements And Its Deficiency

Not many knows about supplement, even doctors. If you want to learn about supplement and nutrition, ask Nutritionist. Don't ask doctors, most of them only know about diseases and its cure (medicines and drugs). I too knew nothing about supplement during my first pregnancy. That's why, among my four kids, Aisyah is the most vulnerable one coz when I was carrying her, I took not enough supplement.

I only took multivitamin (Obimin, which was provided by the doctor) and calcium + magnesium, to prevent cramps and backache. And after she was born, every month she would catch a fever (after each monthly injection). And when that happened, she would just lie on the bed, weak. Every month we went through the same thing - monthly injection, fever. We thought it was normal but actually it was due to the deficiency of vitamin C.

"Among vitamin C's many functions is the major role it plays in the Immune System, where, according to growing evidence, it helps increase resistance to a range of diseases, including infections and cancer. " - The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book, page 152.

The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book - Book

So, after we knew the fact, every time when I got pregnant, we would make sure that I took enough vitamin C for our baby. It was worth it coz Amal, Anis and Fathi are much stronger than Aisyah. They didn't catch a fever after each monthly injection. In fact, they rarely got sick. And if they do, they would still be running, jumping and playing as usual as if they were not even sick. And they would get better in just a few days....Alhamdulillah....

Another vitamin that is very important is Folic Acid. It helps to prevent birth defects in the child and also to prevent defects of the neural tube, the structure in the embryo that gives rise to the brain, the spinal cord, and other parts of the central nervous system (The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book page 136).

When I first got pregnant, I didn't know about the importance of Folic Acid up until I gave birth of Aisyah. She was flaccid. Her backbone took quite some time to get sturdy, and she weren't able to raise her head well up until she was few months old. Different from her, the others were able to raise their heads within two weeks after birth and some even soon after birth. Their backbone were sturdy right after birth.

Alhamdulillah my hubby likes to read. And because of that, we gain a lot of valuable knowledge. Because of that also, we were able to find out the importance of nutrition and supplement, especially to our baby.

Among the books that my hubby always refer to when necessary (related to Nutrition and Supplement) :
  1. The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book by Shari Lieberman (Ph.D, CNS, FACN) and Nancy Bruning - authors of Dare to Lose (ISBN 1-58333-152-2)
  2. Family Circle - The Vitamin and Mineral Counter by Jody Vassallo (ISBN 174045052-3)
  3. Reader's Digest - The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs (ISBN 1 876689 00 5)
  4. Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch (CNC) and James F. Balch (M.D.) (ISBN 1-58333-077-1)
And there are quite some informations on vitamins in Pa&Ma Catatan Lengkap Sepanjang Kehamilan dan Kelahiran - 40 Minggu Nan Indah (ISSN 1823-3368)

Next, will be sharing about other supplements.

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